Francis Ford Coppola Winery


Summer's around the corner!
Are you tired of riding to and from same high traffic locations in Napa where wineries offer the same cookie cutter wine tour experience that leaves you simply wanting more?
North of Sonoma in the heart of The Alexander Valley sits The Francis Ford Coppola Winery and Museum.
The trip may be an extra 30 minute town car ride north of Napa, but with Cardinal Transportation's avid limowine tour experience, we guarantee The Francis Ford Coppola Winery will be in your top 3 wine experiences of your life.

Not only do you get to taste dozens of special red and white wines from Coppola's personal collection, but you also have a museum filled with memorabilia from the famous director's films to explore.

During the daytime hours, you and your family and friends can sit by the Coppola fountain-pool and go for a dip. Yes, that's right! Bring your swim suits and sunblock, because you'll be poolside, soaking up the sun with full service from Coppola Winery's outdoor pool restaurant and gazebo bar.

Crank it up a notch by reserving full cabanas with personal showers and changing rooms that sit poolside.

Two full length bocce ball courts are also available for use, just steps away from the pool area.

Available to all guests is an indoor and outdoor wine tasting experience, along with perfected lunch and dinner menus that are put together by Coppola's hand picked head chefs.

Francis Ford Coppola's Winery experience will fill your whole day to the brim!

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  V Sattui Winery (Napa)


 Looking to spend the day with Family and Friends in Wine Country, without all the stops?

Well, look no further than our Personal Favorite destination on Bay Area Limo Wine Tour map : V. Sattui Winery, right off of Highway 29

in Napa. 


You Can't Miss It! 

With a Huge Picnic-esque Area out front of the property, you'll be greeted with nostalgic wide open lush green lawn with dozens of large Hand Made wooden Picnic Tables that remind you of a Summer Family BBQ in the Park. 


Ample Parking perimeters the estate, so there's no need to panic at the sight of a Full Parking Lot.

What separates V Sattui from the majority of Wineries In Napa? 


V. Sattui hosts local Famous BBQ vendors on the weekends, which means you get the Best of Both Worlds: Great Tasting Wine and fresh Sattui Deli Foods, and Open Fire BBQ Meats.


The generosity and hospitality of V. Sattui is simply Second To None!

Don't pass up on this Oasis Of Fun off Highway 29.

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 Mountain Winery (South Bay)


  The ideal winery experience must have at least one of three things: Award-winning wine, breathtaking views, and unforgettable entertainment. 


But why not have all three? 


Introducing The Mountain Winery, located in the hills of Saratoga- most popular destination on our South Bay Wine Tour route.


Once reaching the steep tip top lush green mountain side you'll be greeted by a beautiful Spanish style estate, featuring a gorgeous Spanish portal amphitheater. 

Since the late 1950's, Mountain Winery has drawn in some of the best musicians around to perform annually on their stage.


Be sure to enjoy the Mountain Winery Pinot noir and Chardonnay. Produced from the rich soil of Mount Eden and Northern California's coastal cloud cover, you can be sure you're getting a world class wine experience.


If the entertainment, and great wine hasn't already taken all of your focus, then simply turn around! 

You've got incredible inland views of San Jose and Sillicon Valley. 


Travel and Arrive in Style with Limo Wine Tour Service Provider. Cardinal Transportation driver will make sure you'll have unforgettable experience. Free Bottle of Wine with each tour.


There are few places, even in Northern California's wine capital region, where you can get all this "bang for your buck"!




Darioush Winery (Napa)


  The Darioush Winery experience is truly unlike any other.

This estate will bring to you, the wine consumer, a story and wine legacy that most other wineries dare not follow.


The family name comes from a wine rich culture in Northern Iran from which the Shiraz grape hails.Darioush Khaledi was formally raised and influenced by his father in the Shiraz wine culture. Needless to say,


Darioush took this age old knowledge and started an empire here in Northern California, completely changing the way wineries would value and use harsher micro climates to make bold tasty wine blends.Quality and perfection stand out most at Darioush, as everyone involved in the wine making process from start to finish is hand picked for their specific purpose and skill set.


So you can be sure to taste the fine detail in each sip of a Darioush red blend!Even at first glance of the Darioush Estate, anyone can tell there awaits a complex story and history to this dream winery.


Beautiful Tarof (centuries old values in hospitality and politeness) culture is woven into your Darioush Winery experience, just as finely as it's ancient Persian rugs are woven with perfection.


Darioush is not only unique in it's values and culture in the wine world, but as well stands proud and true to it's pioneering roots into the southern Napa Valley.


Choosing to craft a Bordeaux-style blending of wines in Southern Napa Valley, while everyone else in the California wine world sought after Northern Napa Valley,


Darioush etched it's legacy in wine making using the harsh and colder micro climates that bring a boldness and twist to each blend perfected.


Make sure to include the Darioush Winery Estate in your next wine country route, by booking your trip with Cardinal Transportation. Whether you've got a large gathering planned for your excursion in Napa, or you plan on having a smaller more quaint experience, Cardinal has you covered with top notch style and elegance.




Andretti Winery (Napa)


 A taste of Italy in Napa is something hard to find, especially if it's genuinely authentic. 

Tucked away in the heart of Napa Valley on a quiet country lane is Andretti Winery. Reminiscent of a nostalgic Italian village lifestyle, The Mario Andretti has created a slower paced wine experience that brings charm and ambiance in a different way. 

The worlds best race car driver of all time, Mr. Andretti made it his mission since 1996 to bring to Napa Valley a wine experience second to none. Andretti boasts that his wines are unmatched in quality and flavor in the hotbed of Napa Valley.

With such a bold statement made by Mario Andretti, it was a No-Brainer decision for Cardinal Wine Tours to pinpoint Andretti Winery on Cardinal's Top 5 Winery List.

With a local estate vinyard, (a rarity for most wineries in Napa) Andretti has over 42 acres of land dedicated to growing the finest Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. 

Cardinal Wine Tours focuses it's guests on Andretti's Chardonnay and Merlot wines, as they are Andretti's best to offer.

Make Andretti Winery Estate one of your destinations on your next Wine Tour with Cardinal Wine Tours.

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 Frogs Leap


This winery has a story that will make you appreciate what founder John Williams has put together for all of his guests at Frog's Leap.

From Wine "Rags to Riches", young Cornell Graduate, John Williams does some interning and learning under the tutelage of local Napa Wineries before making his own brand. 

Starting from a small Jacuzzi sized space, John put quality over quantity to make his name as a true wine maker. After overcoming monetary obstacles and metaphoric bumps in the road, Frog's Leap molded into a Wine Powerhouse in the greater Napa Valley.


To put it simply, you can't go wrong with any of Frog's Leap wines. Each wine a story and a legacy that has made Frog's Leap a true wine connoisseurs dream.  


The accommodations at Frog's Leap are splendid! Many acclaim Frog's Leap as the best wine experience they've ever had, due to it's ambiance, scenery, and of course, great quality wine and plating.

Cardinal Wine Tours can reserve you a wine tasting in Frog's Leap garden, where you can immerse yourself in the vinyard and gorgeous sights the estate has to offer.

When visiting Napa, it's highly recommended that you put Frog's Leap on your list of To-do's when Touring Napa Valley and enjoying all the great Wineries in the area.

Cardinal Wine Tours has placed Frog's Leap on its list of Top Five Wineries in Napa. 

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